Top Quality Dutch Flowers & Bouquets

Crafted, sold & delivered in and around Haarlem, the Netherlands.

Bloemenkiosk Jan Cop (English: flower boutique Jan Cop) is -as the translation speaks for itself- a flower shop in the city center of Haarlem. The boutique is situated on the Grote Houtbrug, the bridge which is one of the entrances of Haarlem’s shopping streets: the Grote Houtstraat.

In our shop, you will find a broad range of top quality flowers and bouquets, freshly gathered from the famous flower auction in Aalsmeer and local growers.

In our flower bindery, all our flowers and bouquets undergo a thorough quality check up before their stems get cleaned and  bunches are bound by our team of experienced florists.

Freshly Sorted Bouquets for Anyone & Any Occasion

A broad variety of classic and modern styles for any person

Bouquets are freshly assembled and tied in trendy and classic designs. Under the supervision of shop owner Jan who has almost 40 years of experience in the flower business, bouquets are only sold if the 7 days of vase life is guaranteed.

Are you traveling through Haarlem? Do you actually live in Haarlem and wish to be introduced to the beautiful world called “fresh Dutch flowers”? Feel free to drop by and have a look!

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A broad variety of classic and modern styles for any person

Unfortunately, we can’t offer an English version of our online flower selection yet, but we hope you’ll find your way with the Google Translate functionality.

We sell Roses, different styles of Bouquets, and Funeral Flower arrangements.

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